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MRS s’implante à Milan

- Publié le 6 Sep 2018 par G.Houeix

MRS management a le plaisir de vous annoncer l’ouverture de son  bureau à Milan. Depuis septembre 2018, nous avons installé une filiale MRS au coeur du poumon économique de l’Italie. La filiale est gérée par une professionnelle du secteur, Valentina Dammicco qui possède une très longue expérience dans la mobilité internationale. Responsable du développement de la structure, c’est surtout une personne passionnée par son métier et très proche de ses clients.

Pour en savoir un peu plus sur Valentina et sur MRS en Italie, découvrez ci-dessous une interview en anglais.

Pour toute question n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.

Valentina, tell us about you!

Can you tell me about your professional background and experience in a few words? How did you get started in the Global mobility industry?

Valentina Dammicco:  I am an Italian lady born in Milan. I started working when I was very young as a coordinator in a logistics shipment brokers. Then, I became an account manager and was responsible for the development of the offices based in Milan, Marseille and Barcelona for 7 years.

In 2010, I began to work in the Global Mobility industry at Interdean Milan as a move coordinator. After 3 years, I became operations and account manager. I was keen on assisting clients and building relationships through one on one interactions at the employee and corporate level. My career in Global Mobility took off from there.

In 2014, I started in the sales department as a business development manager. At that time, I met numerous Italian companies and my role was to help them with their global mobility program.

In 2016, I won the first global mobility assignment management contract in Italy which I am most proud. It was so exciting! I had been working on it for seven months with the client and the Santa Fe Team I worked for at this time.

This contract gave a new turning point to my career and was super original project brought to the market. I knew from that day that I loved the industry because there are so many opportunities for innovating in assignment management and service delivery model!

I have been shortlisted at the EMMA awards in London as one of the global mobility best professionals of the year!  For an Italian woman, to be recognized at a European level in GM motivated me to offer more inventive solutions in the future. That’s one of the reasons I’ve joined MRS this year. I wanted to get a highly challenging experience, so integrating with a very innovative company like MRS totally matches with my ambitions!

Can you tell more about your decision to join MRS?

Valentina Dammicco:  Of course! At first, I feel very motivated to offer news services, and new delivery service models that do not exist in Italy. MRS Management helps HR to manage their mobility programs and to drive their mobility policies with an outside of the box thinking.

I am convinced that this model of vendor management can help client companies to understand better what the market is offering.

It’s also an opportunity for the clients to open their doors to different providers.

Indeed, MRS sources and negotiates with several providers to better meet assignee needs while keeping cost in check. One of the core values in MRS is transparency, their aim is to defend the benefit of their customers. It has a positive impact on the global efficiency in managing international assignments.

As for the providers, this model management allows them to better work as a real key contact, very expert in managing the services and it opens their market to more clients.

So I think, this model will be positive for both parties.

Let’s speak about the Italian market now! What are the main evolutions you’re seeing in the Global Mobility in Italy right now?

Valentina Dammicco: Italian companies are thinking ways to centralize the management of International Assignment under the HR /Global Mobility function,  as this has become a common feature in Europe. This model maximizes process efficiency, process simplification and cost savings by defining optimum delivery methods, while taking into consideration local needs, requirements, and their working methods. Having the flexibility in selecting the right partners is key to achieving this operating model.

What can be considered as the most painful points for your clients today?

Valentina Dammicco:  Change and global economic shifts… We can say that fast-paced changes are the most painful aspects! Because the change is not easy to implement in a company!

What MRS can bring is helping companies to adapt their assignment management to new business requirements. Indeed, we have the team who love challenges in relation with the digital transformation!

What are the main stakes for HR and international mobility managers in Italy?

Valentina Dammicco: Cost-savings continues to be a key driver for most HR directors and global mobility managers.  At the same time, service quality and efficiency for international assignments are also a top priority for them.

They also want their expatriates to be happy when moving and relocating because it is an extremely stressful time in their life. Also when taking a new role, the assignee has not valuable time to waste by attempting the process on his own. He will appreciate being helped in the host country because his/ her family should be an important support to him in his changing reality which is full of upheavals.

And we all know that international assignments represent a significant cost in a company. If the assignment fails because the expat has not succeeded in adapting to his/her new life, it could be a big loss for the company.

The well-being of the assignee and his/her family will increase the chances of a successful and value adding international assignment. At MRS, they consider assistance as a priority and they focus on one on one communication to offer proximity services to assignees.

MRS helps HR in both sides to keep the cost under control and to help assignees having a better mobility experience. Quick move is an application that makes their life a lot easier!

No further need to worry about the surveys now. The classical three quotes calculating by three different movers can be excessively burdensome. With our mobile app, the assignee will not have to receive three visits from a survey. He/ she will do the first survey virtually thanks to digital inventories. Assignees can also communicate directly within the app with their coordinators.

At any time of the day, they also have the opportunity to cooperate with their partner. Most of the time, the partner is not in the same country. Decisions are not always easy to take!

It is important that the partner feels involved from the very first step in the process as they will both be leaving their home country.

What will be your role in MRS and how can you help Italian companies handling global mobility?

Valentina Dammicco: I will be responsible for developing the branch in Italy and will be the contact for HR to assist in global relocation management (move, insurance, relocation, expense management).

I will also be assisted by our coordinators based in Geneva. MRS Management has been developing for 8 years now and we have experts in numerous fields regarding the move and the relocation industries. In Italy, HR is not dedicated to global mobility management, as they carry out a many other tasks. So as you can imagine they don’t have time to focus on the day to day aspects of relocation or moving. But the same time it is essential for the person who is moving abroad that all logistics aspects run smoothly! What a dilemma for HR… moreover when costs need to be controlled!

With MRS solution, HR will save time and guarantee to give a good level of service. We will contact several movers, relocation and immigration agencies, select the best services, negotiate the costs, coordinate and control the service delivery.This is a really helpful way to remove the stress of an HR who cannot be an expert of customs, containers, road travels or how to rent for example an apartment in Abu Dhabi… And the service goes live as soon as possible…

What could be global mobility tomorrow?

Valentina Dammicco: For me in the future, Global Mobility should be super flexible and less expensive! There is also a trend towards leveraging technology that will definitely bring more efficiency in service delivery and opportunity to create new service offerings.

New generations will only, buy, work and live with their smartphone, we have to adapt.

MRS is investing for consistent techno solutions for its clients.Technology is helping the coordinator to do better and speed up the processes. At MRS we love innovation but without losing the human approach because we are offering services that are built for families. There will always be a coordinator as a support for the family during the relocation process.

We know that we are talking about human interactions and people who are at the top of the list of important considerations before the technology.

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