Corporate Services

Building a mobility programme
adapted to rising challenges in GM

A tailor-made consultancy service to optimize your mobility policy

Globalisation is a challenge for an increasing number of companies who are facing fierce global competition. To meet this challenge, multinationals are fighting harder and harder to remain competitive, and this translates into a fight for talent.

With this in mind, international mobility is an essential resource, helping companies confront the issues and challenges of growth and development.

With geopolitical risks, sanitary hazards and new types of international workers, it has never been more complicated to send your employees overseas.

For human resources and mobility directors, the departure phase of the relocation project is increasingly complex. They need to call on a variety of professionals from outside the company, who they then need to manage, monitor and check up on.

Move Management

MRS can provide a personalised consulting service, helping you roll out the most agile and relevant outsourcing solutions for your company and your mobility policy.

A diagnosis and analysis of your mobility policy

  • An analysis of your working practices in relation to the regulatory, legal and political constraints of the desired host countries,
  • An identification of the various interactions between your mobility conditions and the latest developments in transport, logistics and immigration,
  • An analysis of the local service providers in the target countries.

Recommendations: optimising your mobility policy

  • Advice on how to adapt your mobility programmes
  • A review of your procedures and budgets
  • Support as you establish your mobility policy, defining a structured framework for the various issues concerning the move, insurance, relocation and immigration

Tender management

  • Providing a service provider comparison table
  • A comparative calculation of the costs for insourced vs outsourced management
  • Identifying and outsourcing the services which do not provide added value
  • Defining the service provider management protocol

Assistance: full-time or just-in- time

  • Project management support,
  • Expense mapping
  • Cost audits
  • Rescue missions

Moving towards a better, more profitable mobility policy

With our “Corporate Services” solution, you’ll receive fully personalised support to help you anticipate developments and adapt your mobility programmes to an ever-changing world.

Our MRS teams will guide you as you outsource the management of your services, providing real solutions to help you select the right service providers and enable you to see real results in terms of the savings your company makes.

Our role is to ensure total compatibility between your policy and the management of your outsourced services by:

  • Working in synergy with your HR department: we’re on hand to ensure that your operations on the ground run as smoothly as possible – but you’ll retain full control of all project management, process validation and the final selection of your service providers.

  • Providing agility: we offer truly global removal services to suit every budget, according to weight and volume. As such, we can give you an instant view of our pricing and determine future prices by looking at past fluctuations.

  • And remaining flexible: thanks to our international network and our scope for negotiation with each participant in the process, we can quickly adapt the relocation conditions as necessary, according to any changes requested by the company or employee. We can also provide local support to a relocated employee, facilitating their integration and allowing them to hit the ground running.

Improve your performance
Improve your profitability
Improve your agility
Free yourself
from the hassle of moving