Your Specialist of international mobility management

Make people more serene

Reassuring each of your mobile employees and providing them with peace of mind during the key stages of their expatriation are your main missions.
Our mission is to help you do this by going beyond the purely logistical management of the relocation and by establishing an ongoing conversation between your employees, their spouses and our coordinators. The application we are developing aims to do just that: enrich human interaction and simplify the departure and settlement process as much as possible. 

We want to help your future expatriates make the best decisions for their future and help you promote the mobility of your talents within your organisation“.

Maxime Boisnard, co-founder & CEO, MRS Management

Innovative move management services

MRS Management is an international mobility broker and management specialist. Our teams will stand by your side wherever you are in the world, sourcing and managing the finest removals and relocation service providers.

Our goal is to help you implement your mobility policy by provided operational and logistics support. We aim to combine efficiency, cost control and employee well-being for maximum effect.

MRS has taken on an innovative new role. We are an independent broker, handling the entire transition phase for your employees’ overseas transfers.

Our business model allows companies to significantly lower their costs, benefit from a better service level across the board and free up valuable time for their mobility management teams.

Full operational support, throughout the entire moving process

Our activities cover the full range of services, from international moves and the insurance that goes with it, as well as overall packaging, customs, transport and delivery operations.

We’ll even come on board to help with relocation, immigration and furniture rental for your relocated employees.