A multi-disciplinary team

Our team

We are based in Geneva, London, Milan and Dubai.

Our international and multilingual team of international moving, finance, insurance and relocation specialists can provide a full range of services to help you with your mobility projects.

Each MRS move specialist has more than 12 years’ professional experience, both administrative and operational. They master all the details in their sector.

MRS team members are renowned for their multicultural awareness, their ability to listen and skill in translating employees’ needs into the right international context.

MRS has built a network of country-specific independent consultants to help with immigration formalities.

All of our consultants are selected for their experience, their legal skills and their knowledge of international regulations.

Maxime Boisnard

Founder and CEO

Yann Borgstedt

Co-founder of MRS

Laurent Giraud

Chief Operating Officer

Ludovic Richner

Group Deputy Director

Gwenaëlle Houeix

Digital Marketing and Communications Manager

Tim Lawrence

Agent Manager

David Marshall

Customer Service Manager

Claire Green

Claire Green

International Move Coordinator

Matthew Heaney

International Move Coordinator

Stéphanie Cathelin

Pricing & Billing Specialist

Jessica Brain - MRS Genève

Jessica Brain

Customer Service Manager

Layla Manville

Customer Service Manager

Daphné Loriou

Customer Service Coordinator

Maud Tachon MRS

Paul Maubert

Customer Service Coordinator

Elizabeth Brandt

Customer Service Coordinator

Ana Rodrigues - MRS

Ana Rodrigues

Customer Service Coordinator

Valentina Dammicco MRS Management Italy

Valentina Dammicco

Managing Director

Roberta Galano

Operations & Finance Controller

Mattia Passarelli

Global Move Coordinator

Sofia Radice MRS

Sophia Radice

Customer Service Team Leader

Giulia Annunziata

Customer Service Coordinator

Maud Tachon MRS

Ivan Marchi

Customer Service Coordinator




Julie Monroe


A global network of more than 600 qualified service providers

MRS Mgt couverture monde

The teams at MRS Management have an excellent knowledge of the players in the international mobility market.

Over the years, MRS has built a global network of more than 600 qualified service providers.

The quality of the service and the financial stability of this global network are regularly and carefully checked.

These extend to systematic, constant union membership checks. These guarantee stable, constant service and long-term results.

Certifications and Associations

FAIM plus

FAIM is the Quality Certificate issued by FIDI, the International Federation of Household Goods Removals Companies. Members are examined for Financial stability, plus the Quality of Facilities and Service. We have earned the FAIMPlus Certificate as a top performer with Zero Non-conformities.
MRS Geneva have become a FIDI Affiliate and part of the FIDI Global Alliance.

ISO 9001

MRS management is ISO 9001 certified. This certification is a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence and quality.
ISO 9001 is a globally recognized Quality Management System standard. This achievement demonstrates that MRS Management has implemented and maintains robust Policies and Procedures that align with the ISO 9001 Standard.

ISO 14001

MRS Management has achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification, a significant milestone in our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.
ISO 14001:2015 is the globally recognized standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS).
At MRS Management, we want to take a proactive approach to environmental issues and comply fully with the relevant regulations.


MRS is an active member of the EuRA.

EuRA members adhere to stringent industry standards. They have expertise in navigating complex international regulations, immigration laws and cultural nuances offering comprehensive solutions and support for seamless employee relocations across borders.

Cercle Magellan

MRS is certified by the Cercle Magellan Quality Label – Relocation category.
Labeling involves a rigorous process of assessment and certification. A team of auditors from Cercle Magellan conducts a comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation includes a questionnaire to member companies that have already used the services of the service provider, enabling very concrete on-site quality feedback.