Move Management

Get a successful transition for your employees with the best international moving services

Outsourcing move management: greater efficiency and total cost control

International moves require management and coordination of a whole array of specialist transport and logistics service providers on a global level. This can often be complicated to implement, and even harder to keep track of.

Move management is a crucial first step when sending employees abroad.

As a Human Resources or Mobility Director, your goal is to offer your employees a personalised move service while reducing stress to a minimum. At the same time, you need to ensure that your employees’ personal requirements are in step with the overall mobility policy of your group.

Move Management

We select and work with the finest removal firms so we can offer you a personalised service that meets your exact technical and budget specifications.

With our Move Management solution, our specialist teams will handle every aspect of your employees’ moves

Negotiating and signing removal contracts

There are any number of hazards and risks that can add to the cost of your international moves. We negotiate the direct costs and anticipate any extras that can’t be negotiated while the process is underway.

In reality, this means a purchasing strategy that enables you to save between 8 and 25%, depending on your requirements.

Find our cost optimisation policy in our Insurance Management offer.

Comprehensive coordination for your packing, customs, transport and delivery operations

We take on the role of operations manager, overseeing progress and guaranteeing that all the scheduling and deadline information is accurate and on time.

We check every stage of each operation to reduce the risk of any accident or damage to a minimum.

Find also our Relocation Management offer for expatriate post-move management.

Furniture storage management

Furniture storage can greatly affect your costs, both in terms of cost per m 3 and of your long-term insurance.

The MRS Management teams analyse the potential savings you can make by providing full storage management for your relocated personnel.

Expense Mapping

Expense mapping is a useful reporting tool. It enables you to map out the regions and countries in which your services are purchased and used, and to organise your expenses according to the cost centre and period.

This enables you to accurately plan your budget for your international mobility expenses, based on historical data that has been checked by a trusted third party.

Making it easier for you to move and track your employee’s relocation

International moves require numbers of specific administrative procedures, complex customs declarations, a detailed knowledge of airlines, shipping and road transport companies and meticulous preparation of the items to be transported.

It’s about more than just moving things from one place to another. This is a crucial time in your employees’ lives.

With emotions ranging from pure joy to deep introspection, expatriation ushers in a time of intense change for your relocated employees. It’s up to you to manage this.

Our Move Management package liberates you from your operational constraints, allowing you to do what you do best: managing talent.

  • No more time-consuming and tiresome searches for logistics and transport service providers,

  • MRS will work for you, but leave you in full control of overall management, process validation and the final choice of service providers,

  • You are free to make the final decision – we make no tacit deals or agreements with the removal firms we work with.

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Quick Move: Harnessing innovation and digital technology for a smooth, pain-free move

Designed specifically to facilitate the pre-move inventory process, our QUICK MOVE mobile app allows your employees to conduct a virtual visit at any time and without any constraints.

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