Quick Move, the App your assignees need to get your move off to a great start!

All the information your assignees need for their move in one smart, intuitive place!

An international assignment can be a stressful time for your employees: changing their job, uprooting their family and setting up a new life in a foreign country…

Before leaving for their destination country, there are a number of processes that need to be completed, usually relatively quickly so everything runs smoothly.

With so many administrative documents to provide, on top of securing a new home, it can be challenging for your employees to make all arrangements for their move, while still doing a great job for your organisation.

To ease the admin burden and make this transition period run more smoothly, the MRS team have developed a relocation mobile app: Quick Move

Quick Move App

Intuitive and extensive, the Quick Move App gives your employees a platform to help them prepare all the information required for their upcoming relocation.

From a move survey and immigration management right up to a home search, the App lets employees complete all the required information for themselves and their partner remotely and simply!

Quick Move includes an instant messaging function, allowing everyone involved in the process – the relocating employee, their partner and the coordinator – to communicate and interact in real time.

The App is also connected to a centralised platform which handles all mobility management processes. This global digital solution allows HR Directors and mobility teams to manage all their mobility programmes on a global level, in one place.

MRS’ data management solution is compatible with HR information systems and makes it possible to make decisions quickly and effectively: giving you the tools you need for advanced predictive analysis.

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A great solution for expatriates
and for mobility managers!

As a relocating employee

You’ll enjoy increased independence and flexibility to sort out everything you need while on the move.  

You’ll be able to make decisions quickly, alongside your partner. You’ll have a single point of contact to guide you through the entire transition period.

As a mobility manager

You’ll benefit from an integrated solution: allowing you to manage all your mobility programmes on one platform

You’ll no longer get caught up in coordinating time-consuming tasks which offer little value. You’ll offer your employees a service which will help them get through the moving process in complete peace of mind.

  • A time-saving solution
  • All your documentation in one place
  • Benefit from personalised support
  • A reliable estimate of the volume to move
  • Accelerated file processing
  • Full compliance with GDPR requirements
What our clients have to say
It's really innovative and reassuring! With QuickMove, specific requests are quickly identified and processed ... For the relocation of my belongings that required special packaging, I was able to quickly settle on the various options to consider. I had time for reflection and I was able to choose the option that suited me best in agreement with my company
François Desbordes New York _ Saint Petersburg
I particularly liked the simplicity of Quick Move to select, at my rate, what I wanted to leave or not. In addition, I was able to organise it quickly and with the agreement of my family so that everyone was on the same page. This meant we didn't have any decisions to make when the removers were on-site and we could focus on our move.
Marie Benoit London _ Singapore
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