Relocation Management

Provide the best experience and ressources
to your relocating employees

Choose the best relocation specialists and clear the way, right from the very beginning!

Expatriation has become a major strategic challenge for companies as they seek to increase their international standing, and it’s an excellent way to turbocharge the careers of your top talent. However, leaving your home country can lead to major disruption. If you don’t properly prepare the move in advance, it can have severe repercussions on how the employee and their family adapt to their new environment.

This failure to adapt is the primary reason that relocation projects fail.

It is vital for the human resources team or relocation management to fully plan and prepare the installation phase before your employee and their family leave home.

Move Management

Thanks to our Relocation Management solution, we work directly with suppliers and manage the process from start to finish. We handle the relocation of your employees and their family, while staying true to your relocation policy.

We select and work with the best possible relocation firms, offering independent expert advice on immigration policy around the world

Professional immigration

We’ll walk you through each step of the immigration procedure: visa management, work and residency permits. We’ll also manage all of the administrative formalities for you.

Relocation services management

We select the best relocation services when we search for accommodation and schools. We’ll even help expats integrate into their host countries (a preliminary visit, searching for schools, handling utilities, etc.).

We help relocating employees, providing support as they move in and out (assistance with the rental contract, hand-over and hand-back inventories, utilities, connecting them to bank, insurance and telephone providers).


Make sure that your relocation project has the best chance of success

When relocating, it is essential that all of the aspects involving housing, administration and immigration be handled extremely quickly and with very clear time limits and deadlines for the future expatriate.

Our teams will help you anticipate and manage all of these procedures as quickly as possible to ensure that your relocation project gets off to a great start. If this first phase goes well, it will have a significant impact on the overall success of the project and ensure your employee remains involved and committed over the long term.


Our Relocation Management offer will help facilitate the transition phase by ensuring that you benefit from the best possible services. How? Because we:

  • Run regular checks on our immigration / relocation specialist partners. These are measured according to their performance indicators.

  • Have a tight-knit team of multi-lingual and highly specialised experts. They receive regular training so they are always on top of any changes in the regulations.

  • Listen closely to your needs, providing personalised assistance to your employees and their families (giving advice and analysis and taking all of their questions)

A single point of contact
Take advantage of a network
of fully certified partners
Be as involved in the project
as you wish
Free yourself
from the hassle of moving