The innovation at the Heart of the international movings

MRS Management was founded when two entrepreneurs, one French and one Swiss, came together around a shared vision of expatriation and its potential for development. The company has made a name for itself by shaking up a highly traditional sector and maintaining a tight focus on innovation.

Revolutionising the international removals sector

With more than 15 years’ experience in the international removals and logistics sector, Maxime Boisnard decided to launch a project alongside the start-up veteran Yann Borgstedt, a finance specialist. The pair rapidly built a solid and powerful partnership.

In 2010, the adventure began as an agile, fleet-footed start-up…

First of all, we needed to completely rethink the traditional moving system. We needed to adapt it to the international mobility market and provide more and more services to clients concerned by an ever-changing world

Maxime Boisnard & Yann Borgstedt

These two entrepreneurs turned challenge into opportunity, creating a new way of handling removal services and simplifying the procedures by building a solution alongside their clients.

MRS Management could then position itself as a trusted intermediary and point of contact. They learned to select, manage and negotiate the best possible removal services, acting as a broker on an international scale.

Being an entrepreneur is a lot like embarking on a solo sea voyage. You’re ready to work tirelessly, to weather the storms and use every drop of energy to keep on sailing and make a success of the project you feel so passionately about. This strength and agility is the perfect metaphor for the work and drive to succeed that I share with Yann.

Maxime Boisnard

From removals to relocation services

However, the two entrepreneurs weren’t going to stop at removals…

Once they’d built up their expertise in international removals, in 2012 MRS decided to extend their services to direct insurance management.

This sector is highly fragmented, with a huge number of specialist service providers. The goal here was to reduce the number of middlemen and guarantee high quality services, both in terms of their clients’ budgets and their company procedures.

At MRS, we handle every aspect of the international removals process, selecting the finest service providers from more than 50 companies.
We negotiate the best possible prices and coordinate every operation to ensure an extremely low accident rate. We are on hand from A to Z, including storage and insurance management, in order to make life as easy as possible for relocated employees.

With the launch of the Quick Move app in 2014, MRS took a new step forward to improve their services and their user experience. This was designed purely to make life easier for mobile employees!

Five years on, MRS is still passionate about making it easier for their clients to outsource their mobility management. That’s why they’ve continued to broaden their range of services and now provide relocation management (immigration, schooling management, etc.) and furniture rental management.